Antoine Caron


Professional Frontend developer passionate about his job. Very involved in the subjects I work on either for myself or for the companies I collaborate with. I have deep expertise in Web, React and frontend development but I am always ready to challenge myself and learn new things.

Professional experiences

Lead Frontend Developer - M6web / Bedrock Streaming

Since 2017 as contractor first, then as an employe, Lyon (France)

I was able to participate in the challenge of migrating a consumer video-on-demand streaming platform that has over 16 million active users, into a white label platform distributed in multiple countries for several customers. Thanks to a solid E2E and unit test stack, I contributed to the development of many user features that are now visible on sites like 6play, Salto, Videoland. By integrating a team of 6 developers working in ScrumBan, we were able to improve our product while keeping the same code base. I belong to the frontend pole which is composed of a hundred developers directed by Kenny Dits. I am by my experience and my skills brought to interact with people working in various contexts from TV to Mobile.

The technical stack used is: React with server side rendering, Sass (migration to StyledComponent in progress), Monorepo with multi-package sharing across platforms, monitoring with NewRelic. We use jest for our unit and integration testing, WebdriverIo/CucumberJS for E2E.

Examples of technical missions

  • Integration of a multi-customer Atomic Design System.
  • Maintain the stability of the application and implementation of a monitoring and alerting stack
  • Optimization of application performance
  • Publication of technical articles
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Maintain Bedrock's open-source tools
  • Leading technical and transversal subjects across the company
  • Training and coaching of junior profiles
  • Creation of webpack plugins for the management of a white label site
  • Setting up of Bedrock Academy for simpler and faster way the new people of the company
  • Organization, design and realization of the migration of the project infrastructure in AWS with Terraform in discussion with Yann Verry's teams
  • Setting up SEO solutions to improve sites performance and platforms content.
  • Defining a Cloud based CI/CD process with Jenkins and AWS Codebuild

Polytech Lyon - Lecturer/Professor at the University

Since 2016, Lyon (France)

Supervision of groups of students (80 per year) in Master 1 and Master 2 on different themes. Presentation of theoretical courses in the amphitheater, or in practical workshops.

Examples of courses

  • "Introduction to frontend development", two days workshop on Javascript and VueJS
  • "Software quality and design pattern", 40 hours of course about testing, design patterns
  • Introduction to "cloud" and the problematic of "environment", 30 hours workshop in order to let student setup CI/CD in the cloud
  • Organization of events to meet students vs. different IT professions
  • Studies of webservices solutions

What did I have to do for this job ?

  • Design and creation of interactive and open source courses
  • Students support in their professional projects: reading resume, help them find an internship
  • Supervision of internships
  • Creation of automatic evaluation tools
  • Member of evaluation jury

IT consultant contractor - Zenika

2016-2019, Lyon (France)

As a contractor in this service company I carried out various missions:

  • Support customers in the development of resilient and interactive web applications.
  • Participate in the animation of the Zenika frontend developers community (events, conferences, workshops).
  • Lead technical trainings for customers (VueJS, Testing subjects, Git best practices)
  • Conduct technical interviews


I have a degree in computer science engineering from the University Polytechnic School of Lyon since 2016. It is in this university, part of the Claude Bernard University, that I have been invited to give various courses to Master 1 or 2.